"My name’s Isa Zapata, founder of Soulmatescollection.com. We create custom shoes with artistic images of our clients and their Soulmates. It's a business fueled by creativity and the tools given to me to master my work. As the artist behind my company, I need to be able to create and edit the art for my clients’ shoes no matter where. With my Surface Book I carry my studio with me everywhere, whether I'm flying, in the middle of the ocean or just relaxing at the beach. The touch screen ability is what motivated me to jump from a Mac to Windows. I can paint in directly without having to use an external tablet, to me that was life changing!"
-Isa Zapata

"Custom-made shoes that’ll make your heart smile"

Looking at all of the posts on Instagram we couldn’t agree more. Soulmatescollection is an online shop offering the most unique shoe collection. Customers can personalize their espadrilles by choosing their favorite model and individualizing them choosing characters that resemble themselves and/or their beloved ones, more specifically soulmates, such as partners, kids, puppies or “whoever makes your heart smile”. Colors and characters can easily be configurated until everything looks as desired. After finishing the order, the custom-made shoes will arrive within only a few weeks - being the designer of your personalized shoe that even has a personal meaning to you has never been easier.

Some might know her from her personal Instagram account @isazapata others might have come across @soulmatescollection already. If not, we highly recommend to continue reading now.

We got to know Isa via her Instagram account while looking for photos of Surface devices. As she explained before, she uses her Surface Book for all the creative work behind the soulmatescollection. The flexibility and usability are a big plus for her while working with it. ♥ #surfacelove Isa is also a proud owner of two beloved dogs who are sometimes not only the perfect assistants for her business, but they have also been the inspiration for one of her collections already.

With the invention of the idea behind the soulmatescollection Isa managed to translate a word filled with love into a wearable product: “Soulmates is about connecting ourselves with what is really important: the people we love and cherish”
Besides individualized espadrilles the online shop also holds other beautiful items such as Bath Mats, Bags or even Dog Beds and Mugs – just everything for our soulmates.
Another great plus, each product is made under fair conditions by artisans in Cali, Colombia and Miami, Fl.

So if you're looking for something unique and special, Isa's custom made espadrilles might be the right for you! Visit soulmatescollection and give it a try. - We promise, it's fun!


If you want to know more about the features the Surface Book holds, head online to Surface.Love

This blog post features: Isa Zapata
Founder of Soulmatescollection.com
Instagram: @Soulmatescollection
Facebook: @Soulmatescollection