2021 - a year full of developments. As the pandemic is also an omnipresent and important topic this year, the new daily routines and working habits that emerged in 2020 continued to develop. Our team spirit and our vision of making work love balance part of every #modernworkplace have also kept us busy every day this year. In this article, we would like to look back on the last 12 months together with you.

The #modernworkplace trends in 2021

The shift from working in an office to working exclusively in a home office has revealed a clear (long-term?) trend: Hybrid Work. Hybrid Work refers to a flexible work model that allows switching flexibly between working in the office, from home or on the go. Both, time and place should no longer be obstacles to a productive day of work. How does this become possible? In addition to the appropriate mindset and the willingness to turn any place into a #modernworkplace, the right equipment is essential. As a digital solution for internal and cross-company communication, Microsoft Teams has become the solution for modern companies. Aat the end of 2020 Microsoft Teams already counted 115 million active users. This number has more than doubled to over 250 million active users within this year. However, in order to implement Hybrid Work perfectly, the devices used also play an important role. The necessary performance, long battery life or user-friendliness of a work device ultimately ensure that working becomes possible at any time, regardless of location.

A collage visualises the trends of the #modernworkplace in 2021.
Windows 11, Microsoft Teams and powerful devices are the foundation for the #modernworkplace

The new Surface devices in 2021

A total of five new Surface devices have been added to the product range this year. As the first dual-screen, the Surface Duo has been available to our business customers since February 2021 and enables faster, more flexible work processes on the go. In the category of convertibles and 2-in-1 devices, the Surface Pro 7+ and Surface Go 3 were launched this year. As even more powerful mobile devices, they offer the valued experience at an even higher standard. As elegant as ever, the new Surface Laptop 4 enriches the #modernworkplace this year. The new Surface Hub 2S 85" also offers even more possibilities in terms of teamwork and digital collaboration. Spoiler alert: We can also look forward to exciting new devices in 2022. We will get back to that later… 😉

A collage shows the five new Surface devices from the year 2021.
Surface Duo, Surface Go 3, Surface Pro 7+, Surface Laptop 4 and Surface Hub 2S 85" were released in 2021

We grow as a team and discover new markets

One step we successfully mastered this year was our market launch in Denmark. After Austria and Great Britain, Denmark is the first Scandinavian country in which we offer the #modernworkplace. The intensive preparation for this step has more than paid off and the first impression of Copenhagen also convinced our team. We are continuously working on our internationalisation every day and have planned exciting steps and projects for the upcoming year. In addition to the locations, our team itself has also grown during the past 12 months, so that we can spread our work love balance even better. Collaboration – whether digital, hybrid or on-site – is, as always, what keeps us busy every day and what we want to perfect with the help of Microsoft Surface and Microsoft 365 and ultimately, make part of the everyday life for other companies as well.

A collage shows pictures of different employees as well as office space and the harbour in Copenhagen.
Our work love balance at different locations in Europe

Digital, hybrid and live events in 2021

While the majority of all events took place online again this year, we spent a special day in the area Heideland-Drößig in Brandenburg, Germany at the beginning of March. As part of our Bundle of the Month in December 2020, we started a cooperation with PLANT-MY-TREE®, so that every bundle sold financed the planting of a tree. With this important cooperation, we gave something back to nature this year.

After we started the year in the home office, all small talks and coffee breaks only happened digitally. Therefore, the joy was even greater when we got to go back into the office and were able to spend our lunch break together again in spring. Nevertheless, the special circumstances also taught us a lot of new things about the #modernworkplace and digital collaboration. Everything we have learnt, we are adding to our experience and expertise to support our current and future customers even better in expanding digital infrastructures and establishing modern workplaces within the company.

A collage shows several pictures of a tree planting in the forest.
Together with PLANT-MY-TREE® we planted trees this year

In 2022, we are looking forward to further growth at the #modernworkplace with the Surface Laptop Studio, Surface Duo 2 and Surface Pro 8. We can't wait to experience continuing business growth in terms of our internationalisation and to welcome many new team members. Stay tuned! 😉

We thank our partners, the Microsoft team and especially all our current and new customers who have accompanied us this year. For 2022, we sincerely wish you and your loved ones all the best. Your team from Surface.Love