Aaron Favaloro is a well-known fashion illustrator with a passion for sketches and illustrations for all his life. Today a large number of fans and followers on social media is enthused by his illustrations on a daily basis and big brands such as Swarovski, Rolls Royce, Sisley or Vogue have already been his clients.

Fashion illustrations have been an important part of the fashion industry from the very beginning. While today photographs may technically be able to caption every detail fast and easily, fashion illustrations offer a different perception on this big and vivid industry. Illustrations may simply capture a specific moment, but can also set a certain focus, emphasize details or extend a moment on a creative vision, creating a whole new atmosphere.

Such drawings offer a break for pure creativity between rapidly developing brands and images. Beside fashion photography, many people simply enjoy seeing drawings and organic art as they leave a lot of room for creativity and interpretation.

We had the pleasure to get in contact with Aaron Favaloro and ask him a few questions about his job and everyday life, but also about his work on the Surface Studio:

Sara: You work as a fashion illustrator. Many big named brands have been your clients and you have a big community on social media. When did you start illustrating?

Aaron Favaloro: I have always loved to illustrate in my spare time, it has always been something I turn to for fun or to de- stress, all of my books through school have been filled with little sketches to my teaches dismay.

Sara: Has it been your profession from the beginning?

Aaron Favaloro: No I never knew that it could become a profession I kind of fell into it about 6 years and haven’t stopped since

Sara: Within the fashion industry, what style and personalities inspire you most?

Aaron Favaloro: Oh it changes all the time yet I think when Im in my happy place is when Im illustrating people who have an authentic style and they know what they love.

Sara: We saw that many popular brands such as Vogue, Rolls Royce and Harpers Bazaar have been your clients already. When did you get requests from big brands for the first time and how did you feel about it?

Aaron Favaloro: My first big Brand was Swarovski and it blew my mind I couldn’t believe that they would want to work with me, still everytime a client wants to work with me I still have to pinch myself it never gets old.

Sara: When you have a vision of your next illustration in mind, do the final images usually end up as planned or always different?

Aaron Favaloro: Always different, sometimes I love how they are and keep it, others I absolutely hate and have to completely start again.

Sara: How long does it take you from the moment you are inspired for a new sketch until you have the final result?

Aaron Favaloro: Oh my favorite’s stay on my mind for months before I sketch them. Typically though the time complete a sketch from start to finish is normally about 6 hours.

Sara: As we saw on Instagram, you also use a Surface Studio for your illustrations. How does it support your job?

Aaron Favaloro: For commercial work digital files are a must, so to have an image that you can fine tune just as if you were illustrating on paper makes the process feel so much more natural to how I like to illustrate, would be lost without it.

Sara: What are your favorite features about the Surface Studio?

Aaron Favaloro: Drawing straight onto the screen and the pressure sensitivity its unlike anything else. Im not that tech savvy so love the intuitive nature of the Surface studio.

Sara: What are the three things you need every single day (to have a good day)?

Aaron Favaloro: Coffee, inspiration and to start with a clean desk cause it always ends up like a hot mess at the end of the day.

At this point I wish to thank Aaron Favaloro for his time and for letting us get an insight into his life. We will definitely keep enjoying your amazing illustrations and are excited about everything coming in the future.

Find Aaron Favaloro here:
Instagram: @aaronfavaloro
YouTube: Aaron Favaloro
Twitter: @FavaloroAaron
Facebook: Aaron Favaloro

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