"few_more_lines" Amit Shaiwale’s Instagram profile offers great and creative content. We are following him since day one of our own account and enjoy seeing his great artwork produced on his Surface Pro just a little bit more each time. This is why we are especially proud and happy that he is sharing his story here with us today:

I’m Amit Shaiwale, self-learnt freelance artist/illustrator. I‘m very much active socially on Instagram (@fewmorelines). My profile there is always up-to-date. Many people I follow inspire me to draw every single day. One such big inspiration is Andreas Preis.
One thing I love to do is to read about artists, their motivation, ideas behind their personal projects from all over the world.
I find artist community very supportive, but on the other hand we have tons of gatekeepers and that’s one motivation why I draw every single day as I would like to lower this barrier.
My workspace always looks messy, I’m surrounded by papers, books, pens, fineliners, brushes and etc…
I aim at ending my day with some practice sketches and sometimes experimenting on new designs. I force consistency to keep drawing every day, despite the outcome.

I honestly never thought of getting Surface Pro at first place, until my uncle somehow managed to get it for me. All I knew was that loved every single thing about Microsoft’s new Surface Pro.
I love reading design magazines, design blogs, and get to know all the new upcomings projects anywhere in the world, this is how I start my day.

I started making more illustrations from the day I have my Surface Pro with me. It offers endless possibilities. People, animals, nature and almost everything around me inspires me to create, draw, illustrate, but Surface gives me confidence to do the same. It saves a lot of my time from inking and yet the end result is as beautiful as I expect.
One of the best thing Surface offers is the compactness. It’s flexible wherever I go. Another great thing Surface Pro offers is the Pen. It is one of the most powerful thing Microsoft has ever built. Pressure sensitivity, tilt, smoothness - just kills me. It really gives a pen-on-paper feel. And not to forget, magnetic attachment!
Surface Pro has added much to my productivity.
I never enjoyed Sticky Notes this much before. Sometimes I doodle, make rough illustrations on it. Surface Pro is super fun.

No matter how tired I’m of working a 9 hours job, Surface doesn’t let me go to bed without touching it.
Surface made my part-time freelancing job very easy.

Devices like Surface just ease your life, trust me.
And now, we are into the business, as we have started our own online store called www.temarya.com. The idea again is to draw something unique, something beautiful on Surface Pro, and make it available to everyone. :)

I have no idea what future holds for me, but I’m excited to have this journey with my companion Surface pro. :]

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