With Microsoft Teams, digital collaboration is made efficient: Internal and external chat functions, groups, channels as well as the integration of other applications such as OneNote, Tasks and many more ensure that information and content can be found easily at any time and that communication is easier than ever before. In this blog series, we are regularly updating you about innovations in Microsoft Teams so that you can benefit from all functions at any time.

(De-)activate the camera for participants in a meeting

From now on, it is possible to set in the meeting options whether participants of a meeting are allowed to switch on the camera or microphone. Especially in large group meetings, this function can ensure that the focus is solely on the speakers. With the setting "Allow camera for attendees?" the setting can be made whether participants are allowed to switch on their camera. During the meeting, the setting that the camera is deactivated for participants can also be made subsequently in the meeting options.

Two screenshots show the settings for activating and deactivating the camera and microphone for participants in a meeting.
Activating and deactivating the camera and microphone for participants in a meeting

Sharing content is now even easier

Being able to share content in a digital meeting is an essential way to share content, to work on projects together or to hold presentations. The newly designed sharing environment in Microsoft Teams makes it even easier to select the content to be shared. In the updated sharing environment, you can also set whether the sound of your computer should be shared in addition to the shared content. In this way, presentations can easily be accompanied by audio.

Two screenshots show the revised sharing environment during meetings
Improved sharing menu in Microsoft Teams during meetings

Automatic recording of meetings

Recording meetings is helpful in many ways. On the one hand, participants who are unable to attend can follow up on what was discussed in the meeting. On the other hand, the recorded meeting can also be helpful for learning examples, for training or documentation and for project planning. Thanks to the latest updates in Microsoft Teams, the meeting options can be set to automatically record a meeting before it starts. As soon as the meeting starts, the recording starts automatically and the video is displayed as usual in the meeting chat and in Microsoft Stream.

Two screenshots show the settings for the automatic recording of meetings.
The automatic recording of meetings can be activated in the settings.

Communication with a variety of new emojis

A picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes it doesn't take many words to react to a message, to express one's own opinion or thoughts, or to reinforce what has been written. The previous 85 emojis in Microsoft Teams have been expanded by a large number, so that over 800 emojis are now available to express what is on your mind.

Four screenshots showing a selection of the new emojis in Microsoft Teams
Over 800 emojis now available in Microsoft Teams

Focus on specific participants in a meeting

To make meetings, lectures and discussions even more natural, specific participants in a meeting can now be put in the spotlight. With the Spotlight function, the videos and profile pictures of these people are pinned on the screen so that they are permanently visible to all other participants. Especially during presentations, this function can be used to ensure that the focus is on the persons giving the presentation.

Two screenshots show the settings for activating the Spotlight function.
Participants in a meeting can be brought into focus with the Spotlight function.

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