The Surface Go 3 was released in October 2021 and presents a solid upgrade from its predecessors. A 10th generation Intel Core processor improves speed, making it up to 60% faster than the previous versions. With optional LTE and pre-installed Windows 11, the Surface Go 3 is built for on-the-go use. You can make the most of its features and functions by reading below.

In this blog post, we will present you with potential use cases for the Surface Go 3 to make sure you can fully utilize the most portable Surface Device.

Be productive on the go with Surface Go 3

Surface Go 3 is the ideal device to carry wherever you go. All its performance is hidden in a highly mobile device weighing only 544g. Further, the 11 hours of battery life ensure that you can immediately be productive throughout the entire business day whenever you need to as the Surface Go 3 is always. When sitting at the airport waiting for boarding or while being on a train, the smart form factor of the Surface Go 3 comes in handy as it fits on any table or desk perfectly. As a tablet it offers impeccable functionality, but also with the kickstand opened up either with or without a Surface Go Type Cover attached, the Surface Go 3 transforms into a fully equipped laptop enabling you to keep working on any of your tasks.

Three different images show the Surface Go 3 in use on the go.
Surface Go 3 is highly mobile with a weight of only 544g.

Integrated studio microphones ensure a professional appearance during online meetings

Thanks to fast and reliable Wi-Fi 6 and optional LTE you can always be available with the Surface Go 3. Plus, its mobility allows you to join online meetings and conferences from anywhere in your office. Either from your desk, spontaneously during lunch break, while walking through the building or simply to get a change of perspective even within your office space. The integrated 5.0 MP front-facing camera with 1080p HD video as well as the enhanced dual far-field studio microphone make sure you will present yourself as professionally as possible at all times. In addition, an Intel® Pentium® Gold or Intel® Core™ i3 processor ensure the Surface Go 3 constantly runs with high performance.

Three different images show the Surface Go 3 in use in an office environment.
Surface Go 3 enhances your office workspace.

Take your notes on a high-resolution 220-ppi-touchscreen

Wherever and whenever. Taking notes and writing down all of your visions and ideas has never felt more natural on a digital device . The 220-ppi-PixelSense™-Display of the Surface Go 3 made of premium Corning® Gorilla® 3-Glas make your notes look even better when you either take them using the Surface Pen or just sketching with your fingers. Thanks to 10-point-multitouch there are no limits on how you can work creatively. A variety of ports such as an integrated USB-C® connector, headphone jacks or the Surface Connect port enable you to add any accessory necessary for you to be productive.

Three different images show the touchscreen of the Surface Go 3 in use.
Take digital notes on the 220-ppi-touchscreen of the Surface Go 3.

A 10,5-inch device that is perfectly suitable for digital education

Especially for young children, growing up with technology can be a demanding task in relation to responsible behaviour and the handling of digital devices. With the Surface Go 3, security is already integrated in the device: The Firmware TPM together with the latest version of Windows 11 offers state of the art security which you can build on. Further, educational institutions can make use of Microsoft Endpoint Manager including Microsoft Intune and Configuration Manager to limit certain apps or usage. Together with the Classroom Pen or by using the touchscreen, children and students can set their creativity free during any task or assignment. The possibilities are limitless. To learn more about the use of Microsoft 365 and Surface for educational purposes have a look at this blogpost.

Three different images show the Surface Go 3 in use for educational purposes and gaming.
Surface Go 3 is suitable for children and students of any age.

Want to elevate your flexibility with the compact Surface Go 3?

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